Job hunting is a lot like dating. Lots of time spent looking for Mr. or Ms. Right. Countless networking meetings with friends and colleagues that might lead to getting “fixed-up”, except instead of a blind date it’s a job interview.

If you were preparing for a new date, someone who could possibly be “The One”, a great deal of time and effort would be spent to make sure you impressed.

You would be well-rested, perhaps have brushed up on conversation skills, consulted with friends about the event, and made sure your outfit was perfect. You would do what it takes to make a good first impression.

To have a successful first date, preparation is key. It’s always worth trying your best to find that special connection.

The same is true when it comes to your career. You always want to be 100% prepared for your interview.

Let me help you learn how to prepare for interviews. You’ll be empowered with:

  • Tips and tricks to prepare for tough questions
  • How to answer  the “impossible” interview questions
  • Knowing what the interviewer is really looking for
  • Presentation tips to make your first impression stick
  • Ways to follow-up so the hiring manager remembers you
  • How to handle lunch interviews
  • Knowing what to do after the interview is over

I’m ready to get started – are you? Contact me at 469-626-TAMI

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