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Old Friends, New Faces: A Lesson In Networking

“OMG! You look awesome!”  “So great to see you!”  “How in the world are things going?”  “We have SO MUCH to talk about!” The room was buzzing with everyone talking, and shrieking as another person entered.  The beautiful hors d’oeuvres went untouched; no time to eat when we had so much to say. It was [...]

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How To Bounce Back After Losing Your Job

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Kylie Jan 2015

Old Dog, New Trick

Recently I had a problem.  I wanted to learn something new – very quickly – to help my nephew. I wanted to learn how to create a website. This was not a totally selfless act, mind you, since any skills I learned could be used on my own website.  Challenge was that I kept running [...]


4 Things To Help At Home Workers Get Back In the Groove After The Holidays

The hardest part of the holidays? Going back to work. The alarm clock. The traffic. The piles of papers greeting you, the ones left on your desk as you scrambled out the door for the holidays.  The thousands of emails that somehow filled your inbox while everyone was supposed to be on vacation. Doesn’t anyone [...]

Christmas card 2012 pic

This Year Will Be Different

New Year’s resolutions: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now, I really HATE them. Why? Because we tend to set ourselves up for failure. We may as well call them “New Year’s Failures”. On January 1st we state our resolutions, listing all the things we plan to achieve during the next twelve [...]


‘Twas The Night Before Deadline

This week I’m taking a break from my usual career talk and posting something creative.  Not sure what came over me; perhaps I had a few too many candy canes or other holiday treats.  Actually, I wrote a version of this for my editor at the Dallas Morning News where I’m a Community Voices Columnist.    And [...]

Egg nog

When You Give A Girl Some Egg Nog

What one word or phrase would describe your house right now? Festive? Decorated? Santa-ready? Stockings hung by the chimney with care? My word is un-Christmas-y. What? That’s not a word, you say? Don’t argue with me; I’m not in the mood. If I say it’s a word, it’s a word. Despite my current state of [...]