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The Most Difficult Part of Networking Is Leaving The House

“Networking group meets at 11:30; see you there!”  I stared at the email and contemplated my options.  Should I go to the one-hour networking lunch or stay home and concentrate on my to-do list? The easy choice was to stay in my home office and keep working. The more difficult choice was to pick myself [...]

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How To Bounce Back After Losing Your Job

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Career Smacks

“Smoothie of the day?” said the male voice.  I looked up from my chaise in the shaded cabana, romance novel in one hand.  “Of course!” I replied.   Hubby and I looked at each other and sighed.  Every hour, on the hour, a uniformed cabana host came around the pool offering guests a variety of treats.  [...]


Bouncing Back After a Job Loss – The Video

This week I’m coming to you in person!  Well, sort of.  Recently I had the pleasure of hosting a Google Hangout for The Resume Edge titled, “How to Bounce Back After Losing Your Job”.  Questions came in from viewers and we had a great discussion. This week I thought you might like to “hear” me [...]

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Change of Scenery

Vacation is here and I’m so ready for it! I’ve got books to read, magazines to catch up on and the resort is calling my name. Our friends are already there waiting for us, texting us photos of themselves relaxing by the pool. Truth is I’m not ready. Why does vacation always sneak up on [...]

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Own Your Strengths

Hi – my name is Tami, and I’m a…a…retailer.  Yes, I’ve known this for quite some time.  Why haven’t I told you before?  Oh, I don’t know.  It’s one of those things that sometimes just doesn’t sound as good as I’d like it too. Being a retailer is not an easy career path, and it’s [...]

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Chance Meetings Can Play A Part In Finding Your Next Job Opportunity

Chance meetings can be amazing.  Most are coincidental, but some are truly life-changing.  I like to think that such meetings are fate, karma or spiritually ordained – driven by a force far greater than myself. Hubby and I were introduced by a “chance” meeting.  Sweet, conservative guy that he is, he’ll tell you we met [...]