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Quitting Is Not An Option

  Well, that was embarrassing. My favorite team lost the game. Actually, it was a blow-out. I believe the technical phrase for what happened is “It was a clinic”. We were schooled. On national TV. I don’t even think those were our players on the field.  They must have been imposters wearing our uniforms. That [...]

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How To Bounce Back After Losing Your Job

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Thank-You Notes: Email or Hand-Written?

  As a career coach and mentor I get asked a ton of questions. Everything from interviewing to career transition to resume-writing to what to wear to an interview. One question that seems to pop up frequently has to do with writing thank-you notes after an interview. Should they be electronic (email) or hand-written? In [...]


Two Things Not to Ask During An Interview

There are some things one just shouldn’t ask during an interview. Even during an informational interview that is really more of a mentoring session. What’s rule number one of networking? Always attempt to make a good impression.  Some questions asked do not leave a good impression. Case in point: A friend agreed to mentor a [...]


Own Your Weaknesses

We talk a lot about knowing your strengths but no one likes to talk about owning your weaknesses. So I’m going to let you in on one of my weaknesses. Housekeeping is not my strong suit. You’d think with just two adults and a dog, our house would stay relatively clean. Think again. There are many [...]

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Rookie Networking Mistakes

One thing that career veterans have in common with college students or recent graduates is that we were, at one time, networking rookies. Like rookies at pro football training camp, students must learn how to network at corporate events with executives, which is somewhat different than networking or meeting people at college mixers. As in [...]


Curate Your Resume

Curate: a verb. It’s an interesting word. By definition, it means “To pull together, sift through, and select for presentation, as music or website content”. I often think of a museum curator, who must sort through hundreds if not thousands of paintings by the great masters like Da Vinci or Picasso, choosing only a handful for patrons [...]