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Successful People Have This Characteristic

What makes some people successful and others not so much? Luck? Intelligence? Money? I’m guessing successful people have this characteristic: they are driven. I like to think that I have a special relationship with all of my nieces and nephews. This is especially true of my sister’s kids, simply because I was single when they [...]

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Swimming With Sharks

Did you see the news about the pro surfer who found himself accidentally swimming with a shark? It was during a competition off the coast of Africa. There he was, paddling on his board, patiently waiting for the next big wave, when a fin suddenly appeared behind him in the water. He couldn’t see it, [...]


Trust Is A Very Important And Powerful Part Of Your Career

Interviewing is a lot like dating. Job seekers and employers alike are searching for Mr. or Ms. Right. Similar to, companies and candidates post their profiles online in hopes of making a connection.  Candidates are much more anxious to find a steady date than companies seem to be, browsing online dating sites LinkedIn, Career [...]


Mindfulness In The Face Of Technology. Or Why I Hate Steve Jobs.

Every summer Hubby and I take a week-long vacation with one intention, one sole purpose: to relax and unwind from our normally stressful, busy lives. To be clear, we love our lives. It’s just that the day-to-day stresses build up.  We try to counteract stress with daily gym sessions, but sometimes work or life gets [...]



I’ve got a confession to make. One that embarrasses me. I realized that I am “one of those people”. You know; the kind who “has people”.  No, I don’t have an entourage, although I guess that could be interesting for about an hour before it got in the way. What’s happened to me is the [...]


What Kind of Boss Are You Going to Be?

Today’s post, “Everything I Know About Business, Started With My Dad”,  is from a friend and former colleague, Kathy Meyer.  This first ran in “Nokia People”, Nokia’s Internal Employee Magazine in August of 2001, Volume 52, Page 34.  It  was her first published article. Things you should know about Kathy: She has an incredibly dry [...]