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Ethics and Your Personal Brand: It’s Just Common Sense

For some reason I’ve always been one to err on the side of caution when it comes to my personal brand. I’m especially careful about how I conduct myself at work and work-related functions. The lines become blurred between personal brand and the company’s brand. It’s important that we represent each other well. Call it [...]

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How To Bounce Back After Losing Your Job

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Advance Your Career By Working For Free

Work for free.  That’s almost an oxymoron, isn’t it? After all, isn’t the whole point of going to work, toiling away for forty-plus hours a week, to earn money? Luckily for me, aside from a slight misstep with my first career, work has never been “toil”.  I’ve enjoyed my chosen field and am grateful to never [...]


Interview Musts

There are certain things that are considered “musts” when it comes to interviews.  An early arrival, manners and basic hygiene top the list, followed closely by breath mints. To me these are all part of SOP – standard operating procedure. It’s been brought to my attention that the younger crowd is not up on all [...]


Show Don’t Tell: Interview Advice for Students

Despite the snow and ice from the Siberian Express, technically its spring and college students are in full interview mode. Some are looking for summer internships while those ready for graduation are seeking full-time employment. Because of this my phone and email are buzzing constantly with students seeking interview advice. Biggest question I’ve gotten so [...]


Sometimes You Can’t Beat Experience

Do you ever wonder about your capabilities at work?  Perhaps you wonder if you’re really any good at what you do, or if you’re even remotely smart. No? Well lucky you. You can quit reading now. Despite years of job success and multiple degrees which tell me otherwise, I sometimes doubt my intelligence. This doubt [...]

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Flying Interview Questions

  Ashton Cooper took a surprise hit as we were driving home.  That’s right; Ashton – my Mini Cooper Clubman – had a run-in on the highway with a large piece of flying debris. We were enjoying a nice ride when suddenly out of nowhere a shredded tire flew right at us.  With just seconds [...]