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If It’s Broke, Fix It

    Why do we always say, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”?  Seems like that statement sets us up for mediocrity, settling for something that might not be quite as good as it could be. My guess is that we sometimes follow this path because it’s easy.  Change is hard, man!  It takes [...]

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How To Bounce Back After Losing Your Job

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Sound of Silence

It’s hard for me to be still.  Like a puppy full of energy, I’m usually in constant motion. And that includes my mouth.  I’ll admit that I have the gift of gab.  I enjoy socializing with others and good conversation.  Honestly, I could probably talk to anyone about anything. In my defense, some of this [...]


Read This To Guarantee You Will Never Get The Job You Want

For those who might be interested in finding a new job, whether you’ve got a job now or are unemployed, here’s a quick tip for you that’s sure to be a success.  I’m so sure of this strategy that it might be worth writing down so you will remember it. By implementing this approach, I [...]

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Mentoring: No Salary, No Retirement, Best Job Ever

Sometimes I think we underestimate our value, especially when it comes to our careers and the concept that sharing our knowledge may help others.  I know I do. Despite years working at some of the world’s top brands I don’t think of my career as anything special.  Yes, I love my work and am energized when [...]

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The Most Difficult Part of Networking Is Leaving The House

“Networking group meets at 11:30; see you there!”  I stared at the email and contemplated my options.  Should I go to the one-hour networking lunch or stay home and concentrate on my to-do list? The easy choice was to stay in my home office and keep working. The more difficult choice was to pick myself [...]


Career Smacks

“Smoothie of the day?” said the male voice.  I looked up from my chaise in the shaded cabana, romance novel in one hand.  “Of course!” I replied.   Hubby and I looked at each other and sighed.  Every hour, on the hour, a uniformed cabana host came around the pool offering guests a variety of treats.  [...]