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Her Name Was Velma

We never knew her by name, but we saw her every Sunday. She was our last point of contact as we left Sam’s after our weekly shopping trip. She recognized us too, knowing that we would always have at least one rotisserie chicken in our cart, possibly some paper products, dog treats and maybe a [...]

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How To Bounce Back After Losing Your Job

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Girl Power

  This post first appeared in May of 2013, and I wanted to run it again to remind us of the importance of building not only our business networks but also our personal support systems.  We need to support each other as we build our careers or search for jobs!    One of the benefits of [...]

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The Five Minute Resume Update

When was the last time you updated your resume? Some of us keep an always-updated resume close at hand. Many of us – more than likely, the majority of us – update only on occasion, usually when we need the resume for a job interview. Updating a resume can be time consuming.  In our busy [...]


Always Bring Your A-Game to Every Interview

  What would you do if you knew, for certain, that you had a shot at a job that would pay you seven figures?  That you were a shoe-in for an opportunity that would make you an instant millionaire? All you had to do was get through the final interview without screwing up.  Basically, the [...]


When It Comes To Interviewing, Just Be Yourself

Bruce Jenner.  Unless you’ve been living in a cave, no doubt you’ve heard or seen or read about his decision to start living the life he has always wanted to live. He’s finally going to start being true to himself rather than trying to simply fit in.   While his case is an extreme, really [...]


Decision Time: What To Do With Multiple Job Offers

You’ve been interviewing for months with what seems likes a zillion companies and now it looks like you are a final candidate for two great positions.  You’ve got your fingers and toes crossed that one of them turns into a bona-fide offer of employment. Both jobs are interesting, both offer similar types of work and [...]