You should enjoy the work you do. Maybe not the co-worker who heats fish in the microwave for lunch and stinks up the office, but that’s a different issue.

If you don’t enjoy your work, have given it some serious thought and decided to make a change, I’m glad you’re here. Making a career change takes work, yet it’s definitely possible.

How to Make a Career Change in Three Basic Steps:

  1. Figure out what you want to do
  2. Figure out how to do it
  3. Just do it

Sounds too simple, right?

You’re thinking, “I just wasted time to read a bunch of crazy talk”. Let me assure you that I have not lost my mind and I’m not just making this stuff up. My experience includes at least three career changes, reinventing myself each time. Here are the biggies:

  • Engineering to retail buying
  • Retail buying to marketing
  • Marketing to public relations
  • Public relations to author and speaker

And this doesn’t count all the minor reinventions within each of those careers.

Here are some tips to being successful when it comes to changing careers and reinventing yourself:

  • Be open to new opportunities. Don’t “pooh-pooh” something without hearing more about it.
  • Be willing to be uncomfortable. Trying something new brings a certain level of discomfort. Embrace it.
  • Be willing to accept a lower title and/or less money. We all have to start somewhere.
  • Take time. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider taking up a hobby, enrolling in a class, volunteering or a part time job to see where your interests and skills intersect.
  • Keep working. Understand that you may have to work at something that is not your dream job while you figure out how to pursue your new career.
  • Listen to yourself. Try not to be influenced by well-meaning friends and family. This is your career; not theirs.

Again, I’m not saying that it’s easy. If changing your career or reinventing yourself was as simple as donning ruby red slippers, clicking your heels and stating, “Change my career; change my career”, don’t you think everyone would be doing it?

But I can say with absolute certainty that it’s possible. And the rewards are great.

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